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Dental Care

Dogs and Cats need dental care too. At Hebron Veterinary Hospital we offer preventative teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing, along with oral surgeries and extractions. We’re equipped with state of the art technology so you can be sure that your pet has access to the best tools. To determine if your cat or dog is in need of a dental cleaning please make an appointment to see your Vet. Don’t underestimate the importance of caring for your pets teeth, if neglected it could be the difference between life and death!


Pet dental care is one of the most overlooked aspects of pet care and yet . . . it is one of the most preventable through easy at home steps!

1. The dangers of bad "doggie" breath; although it is often thought to be normal, it can often be a sign of something much more serious. Other signs of dental disease in dogs and cats include:

- Difficulty or unwillingness to eat

- Oral pain

- Excess salivation

- Redness to gums

- Blood-tinged saliva

2. By the time dogs and cats are a few years old 70-80% have some stage of periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is the infection of the gums and tissues surrounding teeth. When left unchecked, this infection can lead to the signs discussed above. This can eventually lead to loss of teeth or systemic spread of bacteria to vital organs such as the heart valves, liver, and kidneys.

3. Home dental care and preventative measures are your pet's best friend! Fortunately for us there are many simple things we can do at home to help our dogs and cats; including brushing, chew toys, or dental chews and oral rinses. Bacteria and tartar will colonize a tooth within 24-36 hours which is why daily care is so important.

When daily care is not possible we can do a professional dental cleaning or oral exam on your pet and start you at a clean slate!

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